Little Saturday Market | NOW OPEN

We buy and sell preloved kids, baby and maternity items as well as gently used baby carriers and premium preloved women's apparel, shoes and accessories. We will screen for quality, premium brands and harder to find items, so all you have to do is shop.   Below is a rundown of how the store will work.  Let us know what you think :)

Shop your little heart out.

We are putting together an amazing inventory of items at a fraction of the original retail price, adding new items daily.  You don't have to sell anything to be part of this, we are happy to have moms who just want to shop too. 

We can sell your preloved items, too.

It's easy.  We're currently looking for moms wishing to cash in on their children's barely worn clothes, maternity wear and gently used baby carriers.  No more back and forth with multiple moms, cross posting, haggling for price, driving around or having to meet up awkwardly with other parents (often multiple times) to exchange money and clothes. You don't have time for that.    Most people don't get the price they deserve for items when put in the uncomfortable position of haggling face-to-face. We've simplified this process for you. 

So, let's do this:

1. Send an email to to inquire about the next pick up in your area (for local GTA moms).  

2. We will arrange pick up/drop off or you ship to us (for those customers outside of the GTA).  Customers local to the northern GTA area can opt to drop off or may qualify for pick up.    Then, we take care of the rest.

4. We photograph the items and get them ready for sale on our store.

5. We post your items for sale, sell them, collect payment and handle shipping/delivery to the buyers . You relax and wait for your earnings to start rolling in (we pay out sellers quarterly).  At any time you can see how your items are doing and what has sold by searching your seller id on the store.  Email us to inquire about your seller ID, if you're not sure of it.

Here are some questions you may have and our general terms of agreement: 

How are earnings calculated?

Your earnings will be 50% of the price sold on our store.  There are four earnings periods that are paid out quarterly.  You will receive a credit towards the store for the first $25 of your earnings.  If your earnings are over $25 (total including multiple items), you will have the option of cash back for the amount earned after the $25 credit, up to a limit of $75 cash back for every $100 earnings per earning period.  Please note that there are 4 payout periods for sellers (more info below) and each earning period you start fresh in terms of the cash incentive. i.e.  $200 of earnings will earn you $50 credit and $150 cash back and so on on earnings from your items from June-Sept earning period.  October would be a new earnings period where you have to exceed your $25 credit before earning cash.
if there is a sale on and your items sell as part of a discount event, your earnings will be calculated based on the final price the items sold for.

What if my items don't sell?

We carefully select items and are confident that there is a eager buyer waiting for you.  Since we are still building traffic and awareness of the store we will keep the items up for an undetermined amount of time/until they sell.  For those people who would rather have any unsold items returned to you, you can purchase a return package from our store for the price of shipping and we will send them back to you. Local pick up is also available for those who live in the GTA.  At any time during the process you are free to pick up or have any unsold items shipped back to you.  Contact to inquire about purchasing a "return package".

How will I receive my earnings?

For the store credit, you will be emailed a discount code for that amount.  For cash you will be email transferred the money.  Earnings payouts will happen for all our sellers at the end of every 3 months.  March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 15 are our regularly scheduled payout dates.  Consider those your "paydays".  If you needed a payout sooner, please inquire as we're happy to accommodate.  At any time you can send us an email to inquire about how much money you've earned.

How do I get my stuff to you to sell?

For North GTA moms, drop off or pick up is currently available.  If you live farther away, you can ship your approved items to me and you will be given a $5 credit towards the store.  We will hold period "pick up events" in your local area, so please join our mailing list at the bottom of the homepage to be notified of when we will be doing pick ups in your area.

How does shipping work for people who have bought the clothes?

We organize and coordinate shipping to the buyers and collect shipment costs (approx. $10 on average). If you are local to the Newmarket/Aurora area and would prefer to pick up your items, please send an email to to inquire about getting a code to cancel out your shipping cost on your order.

How does payment work for the buyers?

We handle the whole payment process and ship the product out to them.  Customers can easily can pay by major credit card or PayPal.

What kind of quality standards do you have?

We are looking for premium brands, things that have been barely worn, maybe even with the tags still on.  Items must be very clean and odour free.  We are also looking for interesting and cool things that are harder to find. i.e. interesting accessories, cool shoes, cool shirts, etc.  We are happy to look at everything and discuss your items.

Oh, and let us sell your handmade items.

There sure are a lot of crafty and talented people out there making really cool things and trying to sell them on the Internet.  It's easy to get lost out in the cluttered marketplace.  Spend your time making things, rather than selling and promoting them.  That's where we come in.

We will be featuring new handmade products all the time.  We are happy to also offer a curated collection of our favourite handmade items.  

If you have something you make that you'd be interested in selling on our store, please send an email to for more details.  We'd love to sell it for you.

Fun, right?

We must also mention that there is a no refund policy on any of our second hand items, since they are already sold at such a discount. But, we assure you that our screening process is thorough and our quality standards are high. We're pretty sure you're going to be thrilled with the little gems you find on our store.  So, we wouldn't worry too much about that. :)

Any other questions can be directed at